Since you are already reading this page, I know that you are interested in getting a massage.  Let me provide you with more information on the benefits of receiving a massage, especially one from me.  There are plenty of reasons why you should choose me for a special therapeutic massage.

The first reason is your health - both physical and mental.  If you have been in São Paulo, even for a short while, you will know how exhausting it can be.  Having a regular massage is a fantastic way to wind down, relax, lay back and let me work my magic.

The second reason is about gaining a new life experience.  It is always worthwhile exploring new ideas and experiences as it allow us to enjoy more of life by stepping out of the routine for a while.  Massage therapy can help you think straight and bring balance for your life.  You will be surprised with the all of the benefits of a massage.

There are so many other benefits of a professional massage that I could write a book.  Some of these other benefits include lowering blood pressure, releasing pain and improving your sleep.  You need feel this great experience that worth every penny and every moment of your time.  Your only regret will be that you didn't find me before.

Refresh your body, mind and soul in the peaceful atmosphere of your own hotel room.  Here are a few additional benefits of massage therapy in your life:

    *Reduces aches and pain,
    *Relieves tension and headaches,
    *Promotes health and relaxation,
    *Reduces stress and anxiety,
    *Provides clarity and peace of mind, and 
    *Improves sleep.

Massage therapy help the body in multiple ways.  Our treatments can relax the muscle tissue, which may lead to decreased nerve compression, increased joint space, range of motion and reduced pain, improving the normal body function.

Have me come to your hotel room for a session and I bet you that you will want me to come back time and time again.  So I hope to see you soon for some fun and relaxation.